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Amazon Ad Network – New Amazon Sponsored Ads Feature Rolling Out

Although there is no official news release from Amazon as of yet, it looks like Campaign Manager is testing out a pretty cool new Amazon Sponsored Ads feature within automatic targeting – Amazon Ad Network.

What Does This Mean?

The feature, which is currently in BETA mode and referred to as Amazon ad network, is only available to some seller accounts at this time. The exact language used is this, “Ads will show to shoppers on Amazon, affiliate websites and mobile apps. Syndicated ads will drive traffic to your products on Amazon.”

Why Are We Excited?

Anytime we find a new way to drive traffic to our listings, we get excited. We have already set up some ads with the new feature within our own accounts, but haven’t had enough time to gather data. But basically, this is a way that Amazon will allow you to drive outside traffic to your ads right through Campaign Manager!Amazon Sponsored Ad network feature

What Do We Want To See With The Amazon Ad Network Feature?

Again, this limited feature is still in BETA mode, but here are a few things we are waiting to see:

  1. What will reporting be like?

    This feature is only showing up under “Automatic Targeting” at this time. With automatic targeting, you are required to download the search term report to analyze your PPC results and which keywords were targeted (unless you use PPC Software like PPC Entourage, Ignite, Sellics, etc. to help make it easier). While we have set up some campaigns to test this new feature, we haven’t had enough time to collect data and see what the reporting will be like.

  2. Will it show where ads are placed and how much control we will have?

    It will be interesting to see if Amazon provides details of exactly which outside sources they are advertising our products on, or if they simply will show impressions, ad spend & conversion of keywords. Additionally, will we be able to control which of these affiliate websites and mobile apps display the ads or will it be entirely up to Amazon?amazon ad network

  3. What will the difference in cost & performance be between ads displayed on and off Amazon?

    This is the big question. Will this new feature give a temporary (or perhaps even long-term) boost in performance and decrease in cost-per-click? We can only hope so. Time will tell, and like most PPC, it may just be niche dependent.

  4. Will all sellers have access to this feature?

    This feature is in BETA, as clearly shown, but will all sellers have access to the BETA testing or only a select few? It isn’t 100% clear yet if this is a pilot program or if the new feature is being rolled out to sellers over time. We do know that some accounts currently have it available and others do not.



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