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Are you using the 6 triggers of influence on your Amazon listings? In this episode, we share how can optimize your listings to use these  influence triggers and help convert shoppers into paying customers.Amazon Triggers of Influence

The 6 Triggers of Influence

1) Reciprocity: How To Use On Amazon ListingsAmazon listings - reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity states that if we do a favor for another person, they will feel obliged to return it.
So how can you take something like that, a psychological trigger and use it on Amazon? One example is having an insert in your product packaging and it basically says , “here is a 15% off coupon code for your next order and we’d love for you to give us some feedback or review on our product”.

There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not forcing, you’re not offering the discount in exchange for a review, so it’s not against amazon terms of service and what you’re doing is, you’re using the laws of reciprocity. You are not just asking for a review but you’re also giving something. You’re giving something to the customer and so now there’s a certain level of indebtedness that you want to relieve yourself from, and when you write the review you would relieve yourself from that sort of “debt” that you owe.

The same can go for a follow-up email sequence. If you provide a valuable PDF to a customer that shows how to use the product better, they may feel more obligated to provide you with a review afterwards.


2) Scarcity: How To Use On Amazon Listings

When something becomes scarce, it causes use to desire it more. The less available a precious metal like gold or silver is, typically the greater the value. How can you create scarcity on your Amazon listings? For one, you can run a sale on your Amazon listing. You can even put on your bullet point; “sale ends friday!”. You can run Lightning Deals. Amazon utilizes scarcity in the lightning deals by making them a limited time opportunity and showing the customers what percentage of the deal remains.

Some sellers will even hold inventory back so that the listing will indicate a limited quantity left in stock. You can do this by placing a fulfillment order to yourself that you never let go all the way through.

3) Social Proof: How To Use On Amazon Listings

It is human nature to look to others to make a decision. To “follow the crowd”. One of the biggest factors of social proof on the Amazon platform is customer reviews. All else being equal, if you have two products with very similar titles, pictures & price, the one with many more reviews is more likely to get clicked on. Shoppers want to make decisions quickly and use the social proof and affirmation of other customers to help in their decision making. Reviews are an important piece of Amazon listings and something all private label sellers strive for.Amazon Listings - Social Proof

If you do Facebook ads, and you get a lot of people commenting and liking,  it provides more social proof to your ad.  If other people are doing it, it must mean I want to do it, too.

4) Authority: How To Use On Amazon Listings


Most everyone is taught to follow & respect authority. So how can we use that to our benefit on Amazon listings? For example, if you’re selling a dog nail clippers product maybe you can show it to your local vet and ask for a recommendation. Then you can put on your pictures and listing “Recommended as safe by veterinarian Dr. Smith”. A customer who sees that will say to themselves “this product must work well and be safe – a vet recommended it!”. Or maybe you have a nutrition supplement. You could try to speak with a dietitian or nutritionist and get a recommendation for them.

amazon listings - authority

If you think about any kind of endorsements, why does Nike pay all these athletes millions and millions of dollars in endorsement contracts?  Because they’re an authority. So  you want to also use those aspirational wants. You want to indicate the benefit a customer is going to get from your product in your images and utilizing authority, utilizing those kinds of images could be great trigger for conversions.

5) Liking: How To Use On Amazon Listings

Put simply, we are more likely to do something for someone we like. The same goes for purchases. Typically, you aren’t going to buy something from someone or some business that you do not like.

When you put that insert in with your product, have a picture of your family and say, “your review really helps our family owned business and helps shoppers on Amazon discover our products”. Or, if you have access to Enhanced Brand Content, you might put a brand story there that you feel will resonate with your target customer. Have a worthy cause that motivates you and your business – a loved one, overcoming a health issue, etc. Include that in your story, on your inserts and/or on follow up emails.

6) Commitment/Consistency: How To Use On Amazon Listings

If you have been selling a while on Amazon, you can include something in your Amazon listings like, “Keeping thousands of happy customer son Amazon since 2013”. If you want to get them to commit to something, you can put in your bullets “Read reviews left below by our loyal customers. We guarantee satisfaction with every purchase or your money back!”. Show that you are consistent with your product and service, and get them to commit to looking into the product more.


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