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Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 & Amazon Hijackers

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What Is Brand Registry 2.0?

Amazon released Brand Registry 2.0 (an updated version) in May of 2017.  The point of the Amazon Brand Registry is to help protect brands on Amazon. When completing the application, you are promising to Amazon that you are either the brand owner or are specifically authorized by the brand owner to represent them. This gives you more control over a brand’s Amazon listings to make changes to pictures, bullet points & descriptions. It also now allows you to easily see your brands and if there are other sellers jumping onto them. An additional benefit of Brand Registry traditionally has been that you could get a UPC exemption for your brand.

What Do You Need To Get Brand Registered Now?

Previously, to get brand registered you needed to have a website to provide to Amazon and a logo on your product & product packaging. Now, in addition, your brand needs to have a registered trademark in order to be approved for Brand Registry.


Having a trademark filed is not enough, unfortunately. Your trademark has to actually be authorized. Liran has gone through the process of getting one of his brands trademarked and used to help with the process. This will typically cost you a couple hundreds dollars and will take 6 – 9 months to go through the approval process.

This is definitely a slow down for most sellers in getting approved for Brand Registry. However, Amazon is really looking to improve the Brand Registry system and have a way to trust true brands.

Amazon Hijackers

An Amazon listing “hijacker” is a seller who jumps on your branded product listing without your authorization. If you are the manufacturer/owner of the brand and have not wholesaled your product to anyone, then typically there shouldn’t be anyone else who has inventory of your product. Instead, they may be listing an unbranded version of your product or a counterfeited version of your product. For that reason, we refer to these unauthorized sellers of your branded private label product as ‘hijackers’.

How to Remove Amazon Hijackers

We actually put together an easy-to-follow PDF that walks you through our 4-step process for removing Amazon hijackers from our private label listings.

Click here to download our free PDF on removing Amazon hijackers

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