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Hiring Virtual Assistants & Outsourcing – Amazon Seller Podcast, Episode 47

Do you ever feel like you have too much to do? Maybe it is time to hire virtual assistants!

Outsourcing & Hiring Virtual Assistants

Why consider outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants?

As eCommerce sellers, effectively & efficiently managing our time can be tough. Especially if you are full-time Amazon selling and make your own schedule! If you are like us, you usually don’t have enough time to accomplish what you want. If you only had more time, you could find more products to sell – making more money, right!? Additionally, you might have tasks that you simply don’t like to do. OR, maybe that you SHOULDN’T do. So how do you decide? Liran Hirschkorn shares this during the podcast,

[shadowbox] One of  the things that  you want to do in your business is focus on the higher level type of task things that are going to make you more significant amount of money – whatever that means to you. That could mean the tasks that are worth $50 an hour, $100 an hour, $500 an hour – do those tasks.[/shadowbox] Liran Hirschkorn - Amazon Expert

Virtual assistants may be a way for you to outsource those $5 and $10 tasks so that you can focus on the $100/hour+ tasks.

What Can Virtual Assistants Do In Your Amazon Business?

Quite a lot, honestly! Write down a lists of all the tasks in your business that can be done online. Are any of these tasks not completely essential for you to perform? If so, you can probably outsource them! Here are just a few things you may consider:

  • Product research
  • Seller feedback monitoring
  • AMS – headline & product display ads
  • Listing monitoring, analyzing, KPI’s
  • Marketplace monitoring – identifying new competitors, tracking existing competitors market changes
  • Keyword research & identifying new keyword opportunities
  • Advertising/sales/promotions
  • Managing and tracking coupon codes
  • Planning & scheduling giveaways
  • Amazon PPC – campaign management & monitoring
  • Product listing creation
  • Inventory management

These are just a few of the many you could have virtual assistants help with!

hiring virtual assistants

Where To Find Virtual Assistants?

There are several places that you can find virtual assistants. Additionally, there are agencies that you can hire to help find a virtual assistant that meets your needs. Some of these agencies charge a fee to find you a VA, while others basically “rent” their trained VA’s out. Here are a couple of our favorite sources for finding virtual assistants:

Hiring From The Philippines

If you are looking for low-cost labor, an excellent option is finding a Filipino worker. Our favorite source is Onlinejobs exclusively has virtual assistants from the Philippines – many of them working for between $2 – $5 per hour. We’ve hired several virtual assistants from Onlinejobs and have had good experiences overall. You have to have a good vetting system for workers, but can find some great affordable virtual assistants there.
You can click here to start using Onlinejobs for free – there is no charge to post a job.

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Hiring From Anywhere In The World is a great freelance website that can connect you with freelancers around the world. While Upwork is typically best for one-time projects that freelancers can perform, you can also find long-term workers to help you in your business. Upwork is also free to sign up for and search for freelancers – you pay fees on your payments to freelancers.

Tips For Hiring Virtual Assistants

Finding the right Virtual assistant to help in your business can be a challenge. You want to find someone who is trustworthy, a good communicator, who can follow directions & learn quickly. Easy, right? Not always. But there are definitely virtual assistants like that out there!

USA Vs. Overseas Virtual Assistants

Which is better? Well, that really depends on what you need done. There are some tasks that are going to be better suited for a native English speaker from North America, but for many others, an overseas VA may be just as good (or better!). The biggest advantage of an overseas VA is the pay/salary. You can find some skilled virtual assistants in Eastern-Europe, India or the Philippines for under or near $5/hour, for example.

Interview Process

When you are looking to hire virtual assistants, you definitely want to put them through an interview process. Have applicants complete a questionnaire form and answer some good questions – you can use Google Forms. Nathan Slamans, who has hired over 50 virtual assistants in the last year, recommends that you put your applicants through some kind of test.

nathan Give your virtual assistant applicants some kind of test to see what kind of worker they are going to be. This can be something simple like a typing test or to create a YouTube video talking about their skills. I like to add a couple of specific steps in the task to see how well they can follow directions. Putting a test like this in place can help you instantly eliminate 80%+ of bad applicants that are just going to waste your time.

Nathan Slamans has put together an advanced training on hiring virtual assistants that will be made available with the Amazing Freedom Private Label program. If you are interested in getting more details on this, you can get notifications when the training will be available here:

==> Click here to be notified when the virtual assistant and private label training is next available

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