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7 Ways to Find More Private Label Products – Amazon Seller Podcast, Episode 44

7 Ways to Find More Private Label Products

What are you doing to find new Private Label products? In this episode, we go through 7 strategies that you can use to find more Private Label products to sell on Amazon.  These 7 additional strategies or easy steps  are ones you can use to find private label products.

7 Ways To Find More Private Label Products

This is one of the first things that newer amazon sellers are interested in. Everyone wants to know how to  find good Private Label products that will sell.  The key to being a great private label product seller hinges on your ability to find great products that will sell at good margins.   The first strategy  is one we covered in our free smart private label course  We also talk about this one frequently  in our in our Facebook group at

1. Searching Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon is one of the only major online retailers that shows everyone what the best selling products are on their platform.  Amazon assigns a best seller rank to every product that sells on its platform.  It does it in every category except for electronics.  Customers who are shopping for a toy for their child can go and see what the top 100 selling toys are.  And then get a good idea of what their son or daughter might like for Christmas.  We can use this data to our advantage as sellers in discovering products that consumers want.  A great strategy is looking at those top 100 products.  And then rabbit trailing to other products that may complement those top 100 sellers.

There are numerous members in our course who have struck gold private labeling products that are accessories for name brand products.  You cannot put the name brand in your title, however, in your bullet points you can write “compatible with nutribullet.”

Hunting through the Amazon catalog is like digging for gold.  But this is where many newer sellers give up.  You need to have patience.  You have to be consistent in chunking out time to browse through the website identifying potential products.  We recommend setting 3 hours aside to browse and build a private label product potential list.  And then after doing at least four-three hour sessions, go back and vet those potential products.

2.  Looking at Google TrendsPinterest Search

When you discover search terms, take them over to Google trends and see how that search term is trending.  Check for over the last 5 years, 1 year, and 6 months. Is it an upward trend or a downward trend?  If you looked up fidget spinners right now you would probably see a massive downward trend for that product.  And that would be a clue to stay away.  Is there a seasonality to the product you are looking at? Google trends will show if it is a summer or winter product searched term.  You can also explore some of the top searches in the country and around the world.  And potentially discover some products that people are looking for that may not be on Amazon yet.  There are many 3rd party tools and extensions that have Google trends built into them.  So be sure to utilize them if you have them.

3.  Alibaba

Alibaba is a place where many amazon sellers go to look for potential manufacturers, however you can use it to find potential private label products as well.   You can go to Alibaba and type “Hot Amazon Seller USA” in the search box and you will get immediate results of thousands of potential private label products.  When you click into a potential product, search the company who makes that product, and find out what other products they manufacture as well.  When you begin to chat with an Alibaba manufacture sales rep, ask them for any hot selling products they have as well.  You can also do this on other sites like Global sources, Aliexpress and taobao.

4. Using KickStarters or Newly Developed Products

kickstarterThere are sites like kickstarter or indiegogo where people are looking to launch physical products but they’re not doing it on Amazon.   Or maybe their plan is to go to Amazon but they first want to raise money so that they can manufacture the product in the first place. In fact, there is a seller right now that is selling in Amazon but their next product they’re actually going to Kickstarter. You can get ideas by going through Kickstarter.  Kickstarter has so many products, so many different categories. You want to watch especially if they mention the listing.  If there’s a patent pending then you want to investigate because Kickstarter is known for some more unique and innovative products.  But there might be things there that you can change.

Again the whole process of finding products is this idea that you don’t have to be super creative.  One of the good things about Kickstarter is you can see the popularity of something. If somebody’s goal is to raise $50,000 and they’ve raised a thousand it shows people are not really probably very interested. Or maybe they  just haven’t done a great job of marketing.  But if you see something that’s getting very popular there, and they’re meeting their goal or raising more than their goal.  Then you see that there’s definitely something there.  Some level of interest for that product.  We mentioned our Inner Circle a couple times and for those that are interested in that, in January we’re going to open that up.   If you go to, you can sign up to be notified.

5. Using Popular Social Media or E-commerce type of platforms like Pinterest and Etsypinterest

Pinterest specially is really helpful for giving creativity on how you can differentiate a product.  If you look for barbecue gloves on Amazon and then search barbecue gloves on Pinterest it will be different On Pinterest you might find some things there like unique designs, unique packaging and unique bundling.  It can really generate that inspiration to differentiate products.

Liran: One of my best-selling products is an inspiration I found in Pinterest.  And then made it a little bit different to make it look nicer.  But I originally sort of found the original concept by looking at Amazon best-seller.  I then moved to Pinterest, found an idea there showed a picture to my supplier.  They put together a sketch for me, we changed up the color a little bit.  And a little bit how it looked but the whole inspiration was from there.  So it’s not just this idea out there that is not something you can implement.  You can definitely use those website to really differentiate a product. And potentially even patent a design, or make something sort of your own unique idea. Let’s say you don’t get that patent or it’s not a patent-able, you’re still first to market if you differentiate a product.

6 & 7. Looking at your current inventory, and PPC Related Keyword

If you’re a wholesale seller or an arbitrage seller, here are some ideas you can glean:

“Customers Who Bought This… Also Bought…”  Remember that this phrase is a  great idea generator.  For wholesale sellers, look at the branded products on Amazon and ask yourself, “is this product heavily branded?  You already have data on products listed, so use that data to determine margins and what you can source it for.  Running auto-campaigns for sponsored products that aren’t exactly your product, can help you.  Glean from the number of impressions and learn from poor listings and poor products.  The best green light you can have is if you see a large amount of impressions and not many sellers.  If you can get it designed, go for it.  Remember, if you have a wholesale product that is not brand dominated, consider private labeling it yourself.

We hope you were able to glean a lot from these 7 Ways to Find More Private Label Products!

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