7 Barriers Holding You Back From Outrageous Success on Amazon! (give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment!)

Andy Slamans goes over 7 things that might be keeping you from being successful with Amazon FBA.

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Are You Considering the Private Label Mix? The 4 P's of Private Label

Andy Slamans goes over 4 important areas to help with private label importing products from China to sell on Amazon FBA.

Tips on How To Maximize Your Amazon Business Time

Andy Slamans goes over some important tips on how to maximize your Amazon time and be more efficient.

Amazon Exploration - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - SlamazonBros

In today's show Andy Slamans shares his experience of touring an Amazon fulfillment center.

Are Your Pricing Your Products The Wrong Way??

Andy Slamans goes over pricing strategies and why you should check your Amazon selling prices often.

Rejected Amazon ASINs for Quantity Limitations - SlamazonBros

In today's show we discuss quantity limitations that Amazon is enforcing on some ASINS as well as what it takes to succeed in this business.

Is Retail Sourcing Dead? What is BYOB? - SlamazonBros

In today's show we discuss whether or not retail arbitrage is dead and an exciting new group - BYOB!

Managing your Amazon Inventory - SlamazonBros Live

In this show we talk about the importance of managing your Amazon inventory and what you can do to manage inventory better.

How to Find Profitable Amazon Inventory - SlamazonBros

In today's show we discussed some of the factors that you need to consider when looking for inventory to sell on Amazon.

7 Private Label Mistakes to Avoid - SlamazonBros Live

In this show we talk about 7 common private label mistakes that you should avoid!

Selling on Amazon Better - Masterminds

You might be able to use masterminds to improve your business. To check out our Mastermind group click below!

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5 Things I Learned at the PROSPER Conference (give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment!)

Andy Slamans discusses 5 things he learned at the Amazon PROSPER conference

Amazon Accelerated: Cut the Learning Curve! (give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment!)

Today we talked about the JumpStart Program that we have been working on. Check the program out here!

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10 Items I've Actually Sold on Amazon for Big Money!

Nathan joins Andy on his cruise (in spirit) to discuss 10 items that he has sold on Amazon with good returns.

Top 5 Things I Learned from Over 100 Amazon Sellers on my Cruise!

Andy Slamans discusses 5 things he learned from over 100 Amazon sellers on his recent cruise!

Amazon Fundamentals - What We Can Learn From the Spurs - SlamazonBros Live Week 9

Andy Slamans and Nathan explain why it is so important to get the Amazon fundamentals down right from the start.

Embrace the Amazon Sales Channel - SlamazonBros Live Week 10


Andy Slamans goes through his Amazon experience and the opportunities he feels are available for sellers.

How to Create Your Own Brand on Amazon - SlamazonBros Live Week 7

Andy Slamans shares how to discover, build, brand and sell your OWN products on Amazon.com.

10 Tips For Amazon Success in 2016 - SlamazonBros Live Week 8

Nathan and Andy Slamans give 10 tips to help make 2016 successful and profitable on Amazon.

Know Your Amazon FBA Numbers - SlamazonBros Live Week 5

Andy Slamans and Nathan discuss some of the important numbers you should be aware of when running an Amazon FBA business.

Q4 is Over. Now What?! - SlamazonBros Live Week 6

Andy & Nathan go through what to expect at the end of 2015. We also give tips on finishing off 2015 right and making 2016 great.


Earn $$$ with Cash-back sites
SlamazonBros Live - Week 3

If you are an Amazon seller you should be using cash-back sites.  Hear how Andy earned $600 the first week using cash-back!


When to Hold and When to Sell -  SlamazonBros Live Week 4

Andy Slamans and Nathan discuss the decision making process of when to lower, hold or raise your prices on Amazon.com.

Black Friday Tips - SlamazonBros Live - Week 1

Prepare yourself for Black Friday this year and hear about Andy's plan to make big money this Black Friday.

Andy's 10 Tips - SlamazonBros Live - Week 2

Andy Slamans gives us 10 tips that every Amazon seller should consider.  These were some thing she considered when scaling his Amazon business to $75k+/month.