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What You Will Learn
Selecting Private Label Products Like A Pro
85% of private label success comes from picking the right products. Do you know what to look for in a product that you could potentially build a brand around? Check out what we have to say about it in the SMART Private Label Course!
Manufacturing Your Product With The Right Supplier
So you have a good private label idea, but how are you going to get it made? The SMART Private Label Course goes over where you can find suppliers to make your products and what you are going to want to watch out for when you are negotiating with them.
You don't want to pick the wrong product/supplier and have a hoverboard issue!
And if you're dumb enough to think we'd actually advocate doing hoverboards, you don't belong in this business!

Amazing Photos, Keyword Research & Listing Preparation
Having a good product isn't enough. Optimizing your Amazon listing, finding the right keywords and having awesome photos are all part of private label success. Let us show you what you want to be aware of when you are considering these factors.
Ranking Your Product To The First Page Of Search
Anyone can bring a product to the Amazon marketplace.. but can you bring it to the first page of search? This is where so many people fail because their private label products get buried in the massive Amazon catalog. However, we consistently get ours to the first page of search...
Taking Your Product To The Top Of Amazon And Beyond
Bringing your product to the first page of search isn't always enough. You have to stay there. We have a huge number of tricks, hacks & strategies that we use to constantly build our brand on Amazon. And you don't have to stop there. You can build your brand both on & off Amazon.
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