Triple Threat Approach

Our Triple Threat Approach & Amazon Sponsored Ads – Amazon Seller Podcast, Episode 47

Triple Threat Approach & Amazon Sponsored Ads

Are you you using the Amazon Triple Threat Approach in your private label business?  In this episode we offer an offensive and defensive strategy so that you can dominate the Amazon marketplace.

triple threat approach

In this episode, we talk about a term that we actually coined ourselves: The Amazon Triple Threat approach.  This is a strategy that we have been talking about for over a year. It is an offensive and defensive strategy to really knock out your competition and dominate your niche in the Amazon marketplace. There are 3 pieces to the Triple Threat, of course.  We will go through each of those 3 pieces.  We discuss how you can maximize how you really display your products on Amazon. And how you go about trying to beat out your competition. We’re also going to talk about how it’s been working for us, and how you can implement it in your business as well.

Triple Threat Approach #1 – Organic Search Ranking

organic search

The goal is to show up as close to the top of the first page as you can.  You want to dominate those organic search results and rank for multiple keywords.  Amazon customers don’t just do one search for a product.  One of the main things that helps with your ranking is sales.  The Amazon search algorithm puts a heavy emphasis on sales.  Good copy will help you to rank and this is accomplished through good keyword research.  Target long-tail keywords in your listing. We discussed this in our episode with Manny Coats, about the value of understanding the power of the right keywords.

So, the foundation of a great listing is keyword research, and really good copy.  The copy should appeal to both the user, the person reading and the search algorithm.  Good copy also has great images, lifestyle photos showing the product in use. The idea is that you want to get that customer to buy on your listing without clicking the back button and going back to search.  You want that “impulse buy” where your product looks so good, they’re not price shopping.  They’re not looking at anything else and it really all starts with keywords and great copy.

We recently came out with a blog post on, where we talked about how you can create the perfect Amazon listing. We go through how to create the right title.  Some really strategic copy that you can use in your bullet points and in your description. Not only does this include valuable keywords but proven sales copy that other people have been using for years.  Things you can actually implement in your Amazon listing that will help you to call customers to take action.  So it’s worth mentioning that optimizing your listing before you really try to launch and get all those sales is super important.

Sponsored AdsTriple Threat Approach #2 – Sponsored Ads 

The following is how Sponsored Ads work.  If you have an optimized listing, you have the ability to showcase your product to potentially millions of people right at the top of the first page.  You can do it without yet ranking for that keyword organically.  And the nice part of the The Triple Threat approach is that ultimately, you really wanna do both, right? Your goal is to show up organically but then also show up for ads. And somebody might be asking, “If I already showed up organically, If I’m already on  top of the first page, should I even be using sponsored ads?” And I would say, absolutely, you wanna dominate and take up as much real estate as you can.

Think about it like playing monopoly.  You don’t want to have just “Illinois Ave” you want “Kentucky” and “New York”.  And you want to have all the reds, right? You don’t just want to have the houses, you want hotels, right? You really want to dominate that entire space.  And like any place somebody can land, you’re there right?  They need to give you money.  It’s like a similar strategy with being there organically. So being there for sponsored products you’re going to take up more real estate.  In review, 2 of the 3 steps in the Triple Threat is targeting the most relevant keywords and obviously optimizing campaigns.   So you’re really putting your money on keywords that are your best converting keywords. And showing up there both organically and in sponsored ads results.

It’s important for most people to recognize the importance of sponsored ads. It can be complicated for anyone that’s not familiar with PPC or using sponsored ads. Maybe you come from a different model where you don’t really need to use sponsored ads.  A lot of people shy away from it, but that’s the whole point of this triple threat approach. You shouldn’t be using only one strategy in your Amazon Private Label business. To get more sales you should be using multiple strategies.  We recommend at least this triple threat approach.

Triple Threat Approach #3 – Headline in Product Display Ads

So it’s still ads, but they’re not the same as sponsored ads traditionally. Headline ads are the big banner ad at the top of the Amazon search results. The nice thing about it is, it takes up the top space.  So, you’re able to showcase one product and some related products. On mobile, there’s very limited space, so if you have that top spot there’s not a lot that a person sees initially on that one screen. They might see the mobile. During the holidays we know that a lot of Amazon shoppers are using mobile. They’re probably out in stores also shopping, and they might be comparing prices and looking at Amazon. And so if you can have your headline ad there, then you can be right at the top, controlling that space. The idea is to try to take up as much real estate within your niche, and within your targeted keyword as possible.  We get excited because we can get a place on the first page of search on the most powerful  eCommerce platform in the world.

So we often give an example of imagine how much it would cost you to place your products in the checkout line at a Walmart.  You’d be paying a premium price to get that type of placement.  And through Amazon sponsored ads, I can bring a new product to Amazon.  Within a couple of days, through using PPC, I can actually have my product on that first page for those specific search terms that I’m targeting.  It may not sound that amazing, but, you need to understand that Amazon has millions and millions of customers shopping for products on a daily basis. And so for us to be able to get that type of Walmart checkout line placement through sponsored ads is a huge deal.  And that’s why we get so excited about teaching our course.  Because we can teach the members of our course, how they’re able to place through sponsored ads, their products for those keywords.

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