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The Amazon Seller Tribe is a community formed by three of the most successful Amazon private label brand builders and retail arbitrage sellers of today: Andy Slamans, Gaye Lisby, and Garry Ray

The big three joined forces to spread the word about how lucrative Amazon selling is, especially at the moment where online sales are exploding like never before. 

But just like any success stories you know, Andy, Gaye, and Garry also had their fair share of hardships before enjoying the amazing freedom they’re currently experiencing for themselves and for their families. 

The Pillars of Amazon Seller Tribe

Andy Slamans
Multi-Million Dollar Brand Creator & Co-Founder, Amazon Seller Tribe & Amazing Freedom
Gaye Lisby
The visionary behind Amazon Seller Tribe
Garry Ray
The Master Coach who founded Amazon Seller Tribe’s steller Tribe Coaching Program

Amazon changes quickly.
You need to stay current with strategies and guidelines.

  • Keep up on the latest information that is critical for ongoing success.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest strategies that are working for sellers right now.
  • Ask Gaye questions about your business that you have live during the show.

Monthly Webinars & Questions Answered

Why Join the Amazon Seller Tribe

Join over 300 Amazon sellers who actively enjoy these perks from the Amazon Seller Tribe:

Get Exclusive Member Benefits

Private membership area where you can interact with hundreds of other sellers pushing towards 7-figures and beyond in the premier Amazon arbitrage group!
Get instant access to our database of guides on topics such as creating listings, product research, finding your Private Label product, SOP's and more!
We literally have dozens of video training sessions to take you from setting up a new account to selling millions of dollars on Amazon.
Here in the Tribe we have over 13 different lead lists opportunity that are ONLY available to group members. Join the Tribe and see which lists fit your business best!

Listen to what Amazon Seller Tribe is all about!

Access to the private “Amazon Seller Tribe” group where you will be guided directly by Gaye Lisby & Garry Ray’s mentorship and be able to join the daily actionable inventory opportunities!


The Tribe is PERFECT for those who are just getting started selling on Amazon. We've had tons TONS of new sellers join the group as brand new sellers and gone on to have MASSIVE success!


If you are on path to becoming a million dollar seller, then the Tribe is your resource to help get you there! We have sellers every month that are getting to million dolar seller mark!


If you are already a 7-figure seller, you're in good company. The Tribe has many 7-Figure sellers who are constantly helping each other get more efficient, identify new opportunities and who are speaking the same language of success.

Get The Daily Find Lists!

We’ve put together some of the best lead opportunity lists in the ENTIRE INDUSTRY. We have 13 different list options now that are EXCLUSIVELY for Tribe members. When you join the Tribe today, you will have the opportunity to jump on these lists that are only open to group members.

Daily Inventory Opportunities

Sourcing is time consuming.. but what if it didn’t have to be? Let me help give your inventory a boost!

We limit our lists to a maximum of 30 sellers, and usually there is less than that per list. Currently we have several separate lists getting sent to members that each have less than 30 members receiving them.

Get Valuable Training to Start & Strengthen Your Amazon Business

The Tribe has HOURS AND HOURS of valuable videos to help you get started selling on Amazon OR scale your Amazon business to the next level.

We have valuable contents for new sellers and veteran 7-figure sellers alike.

We Have HUNDREDS of Posts Just Like These

We don’t just talk the talk. Tribe sellers get results!

If you’ve been looking for the right community to plug into… this is it! At the Tribe, our members are positive, dedicated and focused…

And the #1 goal for our group… is to create the most 7-figure sellers in the industry!

Don’t just guess your way through the Amazon process…

Gaye has proven success to help you learn…

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Get the latest strategies to grow your Amazon business

Get to know more about Andy and Nathan, the Multi-Million Dollar Amazon brand builders who help aspiring Amazon sellers build and scale their own Amazon business by providing helpful and engaging videos.