About Amazon Seller Tribe

The Amazon Seller Tribe is a community formed by three of the most successful Amazon private label brand builders and retail arbitrage sellers of today: Andy Slamans, Gaye Lisby, and Garry Ray

The big three joined forces to spread the word about how lucrative Amazon selling is, especially at the moment where online sales are exploding like never before. 

But just like any success stories you know, Andy, Gaye, and Garry also had their fair share of hardships before enjoying the amazing freedom they’re currently experiencing for themselves and for their families. 

Let us get to know each one of these amazing coaches and discover how they were able to successfully grow their Amazon businesses from zero to multi-million figures a year.

Andy Slamans

Multi-Million Dollar Brand Creator and Co-Founder, Amazon Seller Tribe and Amazing Freedom

Prior to his Amazon days, Andy was a full-time houseparent for 15 years working and living with disadvantaged high school boys. Andy loved his profession so much that he thought he’d end up retiring there.

But Andy’s life course began to change in 2014 when he first discovered the Amazon.com marketplace. He decided to push his luck and started selling things from his house, thrift stores, and retail stores.

Andy treated his Amazon selling journey more like a hobby until his sales crazily exploded. From there, he realized how lucrative and scalable Amazon selling is compared to traditional businesses.

Fast forward to today, and Andy manufactures his own private label brand along with his nephew, Nathan Slamans. They now own a 10,000 square-foot warehouse where they keep their private labeled products to cater to the ever-growing demand of their online customers. 

At the beginning of June, they passed $3 million dollars in sales after the first 5 months of 2020. They merchant-fulfill 80% of their products and project to end 2020 at $5-$6 million dollars in sales for this brand.

Looking back, Andy may have left his profession as a houseparent but that did not stop him from reaching and transforming other people’s lives. In fact, his mission as a houseparent became a preparation for him to effectively empower the lives of a larger audience.

It may not be with high school boys who he used to mentor before, but this time, it’s the people who want to experience an amazing freedom for their families by selling on Amazon.

Currently, Andy is going on 25 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Deanna, and has two children, Korri and AJ.

Andy resides in Hershey, PA with his family, dogs, Hanna and new puppy River, and two crazy, savannah cats purchased one year before Tiger King was a thing!

Gaye Lisby

The visionary behind Amazon Seller Tribe

Gaye is best known as the Amazon seller who paid off her $85,000 mortgage in her first full year of selling back in 2015. But before this huge breakthrough, Gaye worked as a full-time caregiver for a retired surgeon and prior to that was a public school teacher and author. 

Today, Gaye is the co-leader of Amazon Seller Tribe as well as a 7 figure seller.

Gaye’s Amazon success story, however, started with one simple book–a 2-dollar cookbook she found at the ‘museum of junk. She was really on fire after selling that particular cookbook for $89! So she looked for the same cookbook, sold it again, and the rest is history.

Gaye believes that there’s a reason why she experienced all these things, and that is to help other aspiring Amazon sellers do the same. To date, Gaye has already reached hundreds of lives, helping them reach their own goals of building a 7 figure Amazon business, and beyond. A great deal of her energy and creativity goes into providing inspiring and helpful content and building strong professional relationships with Tribe members.

Gaye oversees the production of 20 Daily Finds Lists, 6 Saturday Lists, and manages the team of 20 virtual assistants in the Philippines. She also oversees the onboarding and management of membership and member services, as well as assists Garry with the Tribe coaching rounds.

Gaye is a great conversationalist who encourages healthy, productive, and professional communication in the Amazon Seller Tribe. Her great joy is always seeing other Amazon sellers succeed.

Garry Ray

The Master Coach who founded Amazon Seller Tribe’s steller Tribe Coaching Program

Prior to becoming an Amazon Seller, Garry spent most of his professional years in the insurance business.

Garry jokes that he always said if he could ever find something where Jo could make money shopping, they’d be rich. 

He said one day he was scrolling through YouTube and found a video connected to Gaye Lisby, clicked on it and learned about the world of Amazon selling.

Garry took massive action when he and his wife started their Amazon business using the retail arbitrage method. They sold $117,000 in 100 days without any previous eCommerce experience.

Very quickly, he also added online arbitrage and since that time has created a proprietary system of online arbitrage business building that has them NETTING MULTIPLE 6 FIGURES.

Garry has spent decades coaching people in the insurance industry. Using some of the skills he honed in that field, he has helped to create scores and scores of 7 figure and multiple 7 figure sellers during his Tribe coaching rounds.

He has also developed a private label brand.

Today, Garry continues running his insurance agency, ( holding seven Hall of Fame Team and Personal sales records,)  grows his multiple 7 figure Amazon business and guides other’s through co-leading Amazon Seller Tribe and leading the Tribe Coaching Rounds.

More than that, he’s become a close personal friend and mentor to many members.

With a passion for people and a gift for making money,  Garry’s business wisdom is eagerly sought after by Amazon sellers.


Andy, Gaye, and Garry became ultimately successful Amazon sellers because they took the chance.

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