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We're Not Just Another PPC Agency. Our Custom PPC MANAGEMENT Plan Combines Expert Ad Management With Amazon-Specific Strategies.

PPC EXPERTS: Maximizing Revenue & Minimizing ACOS Isn't Enough! We Factor In ALL Your PPC Needs And Take A Holistic Approach To Your Ad Management.

We Work On The Complete PPC Picture.

​Full management of Sponsored Products campaigns.

Headline Ad/Sponsored Brands Management.

Product Display (Beta) Targeting Management.

Implementation of bid management with BOTH manual AND software assisted technology.

Evaluation of ENTIRE Amazon selling picture.

We Bring You The Latest Amazon Ad Strategies

​Dynamic bidding strategies.

Placement optimization.

Our unique PPC Flight strategy for identifying and maximizing your most profitable keywords.

Our SPONSORED ADS PLAN Is A Complete Management Approach

Competitor Analysis & Domination

Most Amazon PPC managers & Digital Marketing Agencies only care about how your ads are performing. We care about your ENTIRE Amazon sales strategy.

Regular competitor analysis.

Strategies for not only minimizing ACOS but maximizing organic search rank for your most important keywords.

Complete review of critical keywords.


Part #1

A Great Listing

Amazon ad success starts with a great listing foundation, which consists of images, copy & keywords. Without a solid listing foundation, you are limiting your PPC potential.

Part #2

A Deep Understanding Of The Amazon Platform

Understanding auto/manual campaigns, the 3 core match types, the search term report and how to optimize your keywords and eliminate negative keywords are critical to your success.

Part #3

Your ACOS Goals & Maximum Bid Performance

Don't guess your way through this. There is too much at stake. You need to have a clear ACOS goal for every campaign and adjust your bids to maximize performance.

Interested In Having Us Take Over Your Amazon PPC Management?

PPC Management Solutions

We have recently opened up the Amazing Freedom PPC Management Agency to a limited number of Amazon sellers. If you are looking to have your Amazon PPC managed directly by our team, you can fill out the form below. Upon filling out the form, please email us at .

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monthly ad spend

Up to 25 skus


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$10,000 - $30,000
monthly ad spend

Up to 50 skus


per month


$30,000 - $50,000
monthly ad spend

Up to 100 skus


per month


monthly ad spend

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