Balancing Product Selection & Demand – How COVID-19 is Dictating Buying Behavior for Sellers

How COVID-19 is Dictating Buying Behavior for Sellers

Studying consumer behavior can be highly informative as online sellers conduct product research.  This past month has given eCommerce sellers incredible insight into buying behavior as COVID-19 reaches its peak all across the globe.  Thanks to Stackline for publishing The Top Fastest Growing & Declining Categories in E-Commerce.  I posted the graphic below because it is a fascinating study in market research.  

The left column shows the top 25 categories with the most growth displaying (no surprise) a number of the common product categories deemed “essential” for consumers.  Most of these items are also still in high demand in local pharmacies and grocery stories all across the country. 

But, online sellers can still gather rich data for updating their portfolios in the home fitness categories , office supplies, crafts and indoor children’s games and supplies. And, let’s not forget the beauty supply product niche as consumers perform hair care and spa treatments at home.

Regardless of the challenges eCommerce sellers are facing during this unprecedented time, there is still an opportunity to pivot and make some great gains in categories that are seeing the most growth right now!

Top 100 Fastest Growing & Declining Categories in E-commerce

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