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Building a Profitable Online Business During COVID-19

On day #49 of our state’s mandatory quarantine, I am sitting in my recliner. It became my home office years before COVID-19 made its way into my family’s life. I am a third-party seller on Amazon, and have been successfully selling on this platform for 6 years. I work from home, and ship products globally. This year I am set to net over 7-figures in sales from one of my brands.

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Bezos’ 2019 Letter to Shareholders – How Amazon is leveraging scale for the good during the COVID-19 epidemic

Jeff Bezos’ 2019 Letter to Shareholders gives a glimpse of how Amazon’s infrastructure was made for an epidemic. Jeff Bezos continues to do “good” in the midst of COVID-19.

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Balancing Product Selection & Demand – How COVID-19 is Dictating Buying Behavior for Sellers

There’s no doubt about it–COVID-19 has changed the way the average consumer shops. We give you an inside look at why this particular season of buying is important for eCommerce sellers to know about right now! Compared to March 2019 buying trends, this month’s products are telling a very different story!

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FBA vs. FBM – How FBM is Winning for Amazon Sellers

FBA VS. FBM – Which Amazon selling model is winning the day during COVID-19? This is my take on why Merchant-fulfilled sellers are now coming out on top.

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SBA Paycheck Protection Program

Coronavirus Emergency Loans – What You Need to Know About the CARES Act SBA Paycheck Protection Program

The $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill signed into law by President Donald Trump last week set aside $349 billion for a new small-business loan program.

If small businesses maintain payroll during this economic crisis, some of the money borrowed through the newly created Paycheck Protection Program can be forgiven. The goal is to help small-business owners and their employees ride out this economic storm. Read more about how to qualify and what banks are SBA approved.

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Amazon Bots Gone Wild

Amazon Bots Gone Wild with CJ Rosenbaum – a FB LIVE Interview

We sit down with CJ Rosenbaum, of Amazon Sellers Lawyers, to address the “price gouging” complaints now that Amazon is in control of all things essential. Find out how you can re-invent your Amazon business by listening to this Special Episode!

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The Ever-Evolving, Jeff Bezos, “King of Essentials”

Jeff Bezos knew from the very beginning that he wanted Amazon to be exactly what it is today–literally the most “essential” online store in the country.

Now, with the novel COVID-19 affecting every household and business across the globe, Bezos is poised with a few short-term solutions that reflect his visionary mindset. 

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The Latest in Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content

The Latest in Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content Features Even More Stunning Options For Brand Owners Posted by Liran Hirschkorn on June 8, 2018 Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content has taken on a bold, new look with even more modules featuring a vast array of options for brand owners. What does this mean for Professional sellers who…

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How To Create The Perfect Amazon Listing – Amazon Listing Service Optimization

An inside look at how we’ve increased sales with Amazon listing service optimization “How do I get my Amazon listing ranked to the first page of search?” We get asked this question by group members, new course members and by our podcast listeners literally on a daily basis. That’s because it’s a good question. It’s also a question that…

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MAGA – MAKE AMAZON GREAT AGAIN – OUR WISHLIST FOR A UTOPIAN AMAZON SELLER SOCIETY by Liran Hirschkorn Do you support #MAGA? No, this post won’t be yuuuge and it’s not political, its about Making Amazon Great Again. OK, so in all honesty maybe that’s misleading.  I already think Amazon is an amazing opportunity for sellers….

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