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How To Sell Your Own Brand for 7-Figures with Kellianne Fedio

In this episode, I talk with Kellianne Fedio, who is an attorney turned e-commerce entrepreneur and Amazon channel expert who founded and scaled her multimillion-dollar brand, before having a successful seven-figure exit. Kellianne spent the last six-plus years honing her craft and mastering the art and science it takes to maximize sales and visibility for brands on the Amazon channel. 

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Amazon Bots Gone Wild

Amazon Bots Gone Wild with CJ Rosenbaum – a FB LIVE Interview

We sit down with CJ Rosenbaum, of Amazon Sellers Lawyers, to address the “price gouging” complaints now that Amazon is in control of all things essential. Find out how you can re-invent your Amazon business by listening to this Special Episode!

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Survive & Thrive

How to Strive and Thrive in Times Like These

During this webinar I talk about ways you as a seller should not shrink back, to not pull back, but really to move forward, to pivot if you have to. Coronavirus has changed the landscape of our industry. So how will you push through this challenging time? I have some awesome tips to keep you positive and ready for the next season of history!

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Former Criminal Defense Attorney, Elena Saris, Turned 7-Figure eCommerce Seller

Elena Saris, former criminal defense attorney, helping death-row inmates for over 25 years, shares how her world has turned upside down selling millions on multiple eCommerce platforms! She shares her expertise in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast!

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Max Abreu

Max Abreu’s Million-Dollar Seller Secrets

Max Abreu along with his partner, Garlin, have been able to build tremendous business practices over the last four to five years. That’s why we were so excited to have Max come on the podcast and share with us how they’ve been able to have this phenomenal success with multiple Amazon businesses! Don’t miss this episode!

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Paul Miller – $4 Million Product Licensing King!

There’s a huge opportunity for Private Label sellers to get their products officially licensed. Today we spend time with Paul Miller, who’s been able to get his products licensed with Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, and a few other household names, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You don’t want to miss what he has to share about how he has differentiated his products through licensing. All coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast!

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Fighting Frenchman, Taurin Bellavance, Knocks Out Debt with OA, RA and Private Label!

We catch up with Taurin Belevance this week, as he shares how he started selling on Amazon to knock out his debt.  As a former eBay seller now multiple channel Amazon seller through OA, RA and Private Label, Taurin gives us his strategy for finding the right products as he manages his multiple streams of…

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15-Year Seller, Globe Trotter & Worldwide Logistics Expert – Eddie Levine

Eddie Levine is one of the most unique eCommerce sellers in the business logging 200,000 flight miles this year alone!  Not only does he have great common-sense business principles, but he also knows a lot about capital allocation.  Eddie is a logistics specialist and multi-millionaire seller.  Find out what makes him tick in this episode…

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5 Star Chef EJ Kaga Becomes Full-Time Amazon Seller

Meet EJ Kaga, 5-Star Chef now turned Amazon Seller, who has been traveling all over Asia.  EJ has masterfully designed his business systems to free him up to travel, all while continuing to build his successful international Amazon business.  Find out how he does it, in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast!   ———-FULL…

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Mike Corbishley Talks Leaving Corporate Job to Sell on Amazon Full-Time

Mike Corbishley met Andy in 2014 through a shared mentor, Chris Green, author of Retail Arbitrage.  He started selling on Amazon through retail and online arbitrage, and eventually learned the art of Private Label.  Mike was able to leave his corporate job in 2017, AND  his wife was able to quit her job, too! In 2019…

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