by Liran Hirschkorn

Make Amazon Great Again

Do you support #MAGA? No, this post won’t be yuuuge and it’s not political, its about Making Amazon Great Again. OK, so in all honesty maybe that’s misleading.  I already think Amazon is an amazing opportunity for sellers. However in a perfect world, what changes do sellers wish Amazon would make for an even better opportunity and platform? I asked for feedback in a recent Facebook post on how to make Amazon great again, and here are some of my favorites:

1) Have Amazon collect and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers.

This would be a huge monkey off sellers’ backs. Amazon has the ability to do the administrative work and remove the complexities of nexus from sellers.

2) Put more effort into policing fake reviews.

Fake reviews undermine the trust that consumers have in Amazon’s review system.  It also hurts ethical sellers who may not be on a level playing field with competitors who buy fake reviews. There are some easy steps Amazon can implement to take more action on the review process.   Such as, manual reviews of products that have a very high review ratio.  Also, perhaps some stealth work done within the Facebook and WeChat review groups.

3) Be more transparent to sellers.

Amazon often suspends an account, or a listing by giving sellers very vague information. Without knowing a problem in detail, sellers can’t truly identify the root cause. Instead, sellers have to resort to admitting guilt on things they never did, because they have no other choice to get a listing or an account reinstated. Often Amazon’s first action can be a suspension instead of a warning.  Improvement in this area is needed for sellers to have less fear about selling on Amazon.

4) Better organization and clearer TOS

Sellers can have a hard time knowing Amazon’s policy on a specific issue.  And finding an answer can sometimes be difficult. Clearer Terms of Service that are more specific, maybe in a guide/index with a table of contents would be welcomed by sellers and improve the platform.

5) Reimbursement improvements

Sellers should not have to request reimbursements for returns customers don’t send back.  Neither should they have to request it for lost or damaged inventory. Putting the onus on sellers keeps millions of dollars in Amazon’s pockets that really belong to sellers. Having internal controls to reimburse sellers would be the right thing to do.

6) Too many reports

Seller Central is full of so many reports. A central location for all reports that are easy to understand would be helpful.  If reports were outlined in one organized repository, it would go a long way.  Such as, if a seller wants to understand how many units they have in reserve and where they are.   Or  if they want to find the reason for customer returns with comments.  This would help sellers not require a rocket scientist to understand Amazon’s report system.

7) Reviews

For any product with more than 100 reviews, Amazon would just show “100+” in the search results. This would allow new, and better quality products a better chance of competing on the platform.  The reason is because it would be easier for a superior product with 50 reviews to compete with a product with 2000 reviews.

Final Thoughts…

While these changes would be super helpful for sellers, we still think the Amazon opportunity is amazing!
Did You Know?
  • There are more Amazon, and Prime customers added each year.
  • Prime Day this year created more sales than last years’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
  • Amazon is growing in new countries like Australia, and the international and emerging market opportunities are great.
  • In the U.S market, eCommerce is still only about 10% of all retail sales.

Maybe this wishlist won’t happen anytime soon.  But we still encourage you to jump on the Amazon opportunity and take advantage of the amazing Amazon growth coming in the years ahead.  There are obviously many more things we could add to this list, but we wanted to leave some for you to recommend!

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  • A-Chau Caban

    • Posted October 27, 2017

    Additional improvement suggestion; Improved Seller Central app allowing more actions as found on the web version. As well as much more user friendly interface layout.

    And, this is a hard one knowing software development lifecycles, but recent major glitches have been found with invalid inventory being assigned, images disappearing, info of shipping plans swapped and missing “submit” buttons to provide a review. This is probably just naming a few. I understand bugs always exist in software but when I was in IT there were pre-release notes provided for software changes.

    Now if Amazon is using the Agile software development method vs Waterfall, formal release notes are hard to do because they take time and Agile is about pushing out code changes quickly. But if sellers knew when code changes would be scheduled to be pushed out and general funcationak areas that are being bug fixed, it would help.

    Sellers would know why gitches might suddenly occur and also avoid large upload/changes to their accounts when major software changes are being implemented as they are usually the most unstable until kinks are worked out.

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