PPC Essentials With Liran

What are the advertising strategies you should be looking at in your Amazon business to maximize ranking and optimization to save money and get more sales? We’re talking Amazon PPC essentials with Liran, all coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.

PPC Essentials

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PPC Essentials with Liran Hirschkorn

PPC Essentials #1

(03:39) Liran talks about the role Big brands are starting to play in the PPC platform.

PPC Essentials #2

(07:20) Liran shares how much PPC has changed in the past year.

PPC Essentials #3

(10:17) Find out why Liran believes Product Targeting Ads means more for you than just sales.

PPC Essentials #4

(11:16) Liran answers seller questions – Do you run PPC on day one for a new product that has no reviews, no brand recognition, a brand new brand, and product? Are you still always running PPC on day one?

PPC Essentials #5

(15:58) Liran shares his strategy for placements.
You mentioned earlier placements and how you’ve been seeing that be this new thing in the last year that’s working well. Do you have kind of something that you see people making mistakes on or just most people don’t even realize how to use placements. What would be kind of your strategy on those?

PPC Essentials #6

(18:11) Liran shares mistakes sellers are making around negative keywords.

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