SellerCon and Sara Blakely Moves

What are the takeaways Liran got from talking and listening to million dollar Amazon sellers and billion-dollar brand owners at the recent SellerCon event? We talk about it all coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.


SellerCon is one of those events that, is definitely worth attending because a lot of sellers, go to it. it’s a really big event and you get to see speakers that you don’t see at typical, Amazon events.

Nathan: (04:00)
Yeah, there are some big names that they brought to this event, right?

Liran: (04:04)
Yes, exactly. So, you have, like Sara Blakely who started Spanx. you had the CEO of Whole Foods, you had Robert Kiyosaki. All right. So you have speakers that you don’t typically see along with, speakers that you do see at Amazon events.

Nathan: (04:21)
Amazon specific, more kind of niche experts, right? People, that are talking and living Amazon all the time, mixed in with these, these big names. Sara Blakely who are doing, you know, a little bit about Amazon just from like, the business world, but probably not to the details that we talk about on the podcast every week. Right?

05:49 Liran shares Ryan Moran’s 7-figure strategy

Ryan Moran actually spoke about, and I think he’s been sort of speaking about, building audiences, for the last few years. One of the slides that he had was 2014 vs. today, which was like 2014 was the old way. Give away a lot of products beg for reviews, manipulate that algorithm to give you what you want, versus today. Get in front of an audience that wants you anyway and send them to Amazon.

One of the things you spoke about was, okay. You don’t really, you don’t have an audience, you don’t know what, what, what to do to kind of build that audience. So one of the things, he said is, document the process of you building your brand, and put that out like on Instagram.

So, document the process of how you chose a product, how you’re differentiating the product.  What changes you’re making to the product, get on, Instagram live and share the process. So I’m thinking of like launching a new product and, one of the things, and it’s actually with sourcing in the US so one of the things I’m thinking about is going to the supplier and filming some video there.

And putting that in front of an audience and showing the process and already building a following around, just documenting the process of, of sourcing this product.  Putting it out there to sort of build a following, before I even launch this product…

08:42 Liran shares SellerCon speaker, Ezra Firestone’s retargeting strategy

Ezra Firestone spoke about as well as Ryan Moran kind of speaking about like, how to get to seven figures sales sort of like three, three stages. he called one the first stage to grind like zero to three months.

The first zero to three months, performing a product launch through the audience.

Step two, sort of the growth plan of month four to six, getting to 25 sales a day across, like three products or so.

Step three, months, seven to 12, release more products through your system, right in through your audience. And that’s really had to get to seven figures in a, in sales.

So actually when you break down what seven figures in sales, it’s not, it’s not that difficult. it just takes obviously launching products and getting through those, 20, 25 sales a day of a product to get to $1 million in sales.

14:08 Liran shares, SellerCon speaker, Sara Blakely’s strategy for ranking in physical stores.

So Sara Blakely, who’s the owner, founder of Spanx, women’s, a women’s shapewear brand…

Nathan: (14:15)
and, and still owns 100% of her brand, even though it’s, yeah. billions of dollars now.

Liran: (14:20)
Yeah. Yes. And still owns 100% of the billion dollar brand – really amazing. And she actually was the original, manipulator of rankings in a physical storefront. she did what we tried to do on Amazon to manipulate search results and move up in ranking in a physical storefront.

23:02 Liran shares how to make the most out of SellerCon and any Amazon conference.

So if you’re, if you’re going to a conference, you want to make the most out of it. 1) I would say, get there the day before the conference starts because there are usually people get together like, the night before the conference starts.  Don’t get there in the morning, get there the day before.

2) Stay until the next day after the conference because usually people will go out and do something when there are events around like around the conference. So this was in Las Vegas and there was a lot of, things going on every single night – attend those and go out.

3) Don’t just go into the sessions and go back to your hotel room, after network, meet people. And share with others. Because when you have the attitude of giving value to other people first, that’s how you build relationships. And so be open to share with other people, tell them about your business. When you meet people face to face, you can build a trusting sort of relationship, and talk more openly and build those relationships.

4) And then, stay in touch after with people that you meet, right? So that you can continue to build a build on the relationship that you sort of first, first developed. Don’t go into it just like thinking about what can I get from other people. Go into it thinking about, what can I give to other people? And that will help you sort of, that, that will, when you, when you give someone to others, they feel the, a sort of law of reciprocity to give you something back.

And whether you get that back today or in a year, you know that when you put good stuff out there, people are going to come to you and share things with you. so, have that attitude going, going into it and, and know that your business is going to be, tremendously helped when you, when you network and meet other people. Because again, to me, once you know the basics, you’re going to learn more from the people sitting around you than the people that are onstage.

Nathan: (24:59)
Awesome, great advice. yeah, that, that was really good and I’m sure that will help a lot of people who are looking to attend future conferences. All right. That’ll do it for this episode. Thanks for sharing. As always, Liran, and we’ll catch you on the next episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.