Why, Amazing Freedom?

I founded Amazing Freedom in 2016 because I wanted to build a company that represented not only the financial freedom I was beginning to enjoy from selling on Amazon but also the feeling of empowerment I have gained through this exciting opportunity. Because of the success I have from building multiple 7-figure brands, my goal for Amazing Freedom is to empower other sellers to achieve the same financial independence my family and I now enjoy.

In 2009, my wife and I found ourselves in $150,000 worth of debt after 14 years of marriage. It was the most helpless and hopeless I had ever felt. Here I was digging a financial pit, rather than building a financial future to leave for my kids. So, after taking Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” course, my wife and I decided to cut up our credit cards and commit to living debt-free. It was a monumental task, but we did it.

After learning to live within our means, I decided in 2013 to generate additional income through selling on Amazon! I couldn’t believe that a regular guy like me could grow a business that is now worth millions. Amazon has allowed me to scale a business online while working out of my home! It has given me the freedom to homeschool my kids, travel with my family to several continents, and freely donate to nonprofits all over the globe!

Did you know that in the last 20 years, trillions of dollars have transferred from retail sales to online sales? It is the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen!

Amazing Freedom has been able to help thousands of students through the coaching and mentoring programs we offer. One example is a seller named Shannon, who desired to leave the corporate world of healthcare and after only two years generate income to help support her family. She has built several extraordinary brands on Amazon!

We help our students every step of the way!